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We love the sites who do summary posts of the social media shenanigans around the Jets.  

So whenever we can, we'll do our best to recap the best of the ongoing fun that the Jets and their players take part in on social media like Twitter, Instagram and Vine.

Called it!

Looks like David Nelson might have a second career as an NBA insider.

Meanwhile, LeBron's decision to return home almost killed Twitter.

Under the bright lights

Big Sheldon looks like he's part of this year's FOMOF campaign from Verizon.

Looking good, Sheldon.

One Fish, Two Fish

Mike Vick was out last week trying to catch some cobia, doesn't sound like he was successful though.

In case you don't know, cobia migrate from the Gulf up through the MidAtlantic in summer.  Here's some shots of them.

Vick wasn't the only player to go fishing, looks like Douz got out on the water too.

Never stop

Mike Vick was looking for some jogging partners.

Tommy Bohannon got in some squats on the morning before his wedding.

Leger Douzable was out running sprints in the sand with some fellow NFLers.

Jets special teams coach McGaughey says there's never an excuse.

QB explosion

Vick was in Louisiana for a few days for his Comedy Explosion and had a chance to meet Brandon Harris a QB at LSU.

It's a Nike World ...

Former Jet Ray Mickens was out in Oregon for "The Opening."  Sounds ominous, but it's really just an elite football camp for youth.

Two teams, one cup

Germany had quite a week.

Reading between the lines

I sure as hell hope not, Calvin.

Grab Bag

DD thinks it would be too easy for the Jets if AJ came to town.

Seems impractical to me Ben ... but ...

TJ Barnes was rocking the grill of late.

Eric Decker will be in Westbury today signing autographs.

Mo was out yesterday signing and supporting the troops.

It was a good run, John Griffin.

At least the cop wasn't in a minivan.

Cortland Double Feature

We know that Rex likes to take his players to cinematic masterpieces at training camp ... some of his players might have some suggestions for this time around.

Wasn't it though?

Home from Haiti

David Nelson spent his last week in Haiti before coming back to the States.

David has an awesome event to help raise money for the Haitian orphans coming up in a week.  If you are in the city, consider attending and helping a great cause.

Still camping

Tanner Purdum was part of the RSR Youth Football camp this past week.

Throwback of the Week

Coach McGaughey found a photo of the old days ...

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