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Former Jet receiver Stephen Hill thinks the New York media had an agenda in perpetuating their storyline that he dropped far too many passes.

"If you really go back and look at it [...] there's guys in other facilities that dropped more than I did," Hill, now a practice squad member with the Panthers, told the press in Charlotte on Wednesday.

"Honestly, as a receiver you're going to drop passes. You're going to catch footballs. So things like that happen," Hill said. "It's just that the New York media -- and, honestly, it's just me talking -- the New York media did all that.

"They can say what they want to say about me, but I really don't care. I'm in a new place now.''

I'd say Hill has a point when it comes to his overblown reputation for dropping passes. Statistically, he did cut down on the drops in 2013, halving his drop rate and did reportedly limit the drops to some extent in camp. Did he ever provide convincing evidence he had good hands or look like a natural pass catcher though? Not really.

Besides, he can blame this unfair reputation all he wants, that's not really the reason he was cut. It was because they gave him plenty of playing time in preseason and he responded with virtually no production whatsoever. Maybe that would have been enough to make last year's squad, but the Jets have some better alternatives in 2013.

Time will tell if the Jets "gave up on" Hill prematurely and it could be one of those situations where a change of scenery allows him to hit the reset button and realize his athletic potential. The Jets drafted a bunch of pass catchers this year though, so it's production they need from their veterans, not upside.

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