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What is a superchunk? Other than a marginal grunge band from the early nineties, it's also how I classify the Jets 2013 schedule that was released on Thursday night. While I hate people predicting wins and losses, let's break the Jets schedule down in superchunks.

The Chronological Superchunks

The Easing Into the Pool Superchunk -- After the Jets 2012 September schedule the start of the season, this September looks to be a little less painful. While the New England game sticks out like a sore thumb, games against Tampa Bay, Buffalo, and Tennessee seems much more palatable for the team's first month than what the Jets saw in 2012.

The "We May Experience Some Turbulence" Superchunk -- If the Scheduling Gods went light on the Jets in the first month then they turned vicious and cruel in the section leading up to their Week 10 bye. The next five games are essentially the NFL version of pick your poison. At Atlanta, Pittsburgh at home, New England at home, at a bullish Cincinnati team and then back home for the Saints heading into the bye. That is a brutal schedule so be sure to get out your barf bags -- that is until the airline decides to charge you $25 for them. I'm not saying the Jets will go 0-5 during that stretch, but I will say that any win in that section I will happily take.

The Smooth It Out Now Superchunk -- Coming off their break, the Jets then get a reprieve when they travel to Buffalo, then travel to Baltimore before taking on the Dolphins and Raiders at home. Baltimore is a perennial contender but all the other games should be easily winnable for the Jets and they also all are currently scheduled for Sunday at 1PM which will make the weekly routines more normal after getting two prime time games prior to the bye.

The Home Stretch Superchunk -- To close the season,the Jets travel to Carolina, then home against Cleveland and then at Miami. While two of the team's last three games come on the road, it's a toss-up as to who will be the tougher opponent in Carolina or Miami. Carolina has an explosive offense and Miami is spending like crazy this offseason in an attempt to get better quickly. Assuming the QB spot isn't a mess at this point of the season, the Jets have the team to win two of three here and end the season on a higher note than where they likely left off at the bye.

The Thematic Superchunks

The Sacrificing to the Scheduling Gods Superchunk -- If the Jets are going to have to take their lumps, I'd rather them take them all in one go as much as possible. The Week Two away game on Thursday against the Patriots is one great example, as is the Monday night away game against the Falcons. Playing away against two perennial playoff teams is never easy, so it's just as well that that it comes during a non-normalized football week schedule.

The Goodell is Spying On You, Superchunk -- So the Jets just so happen to start the season against Tampa Bay. Really? In the year where the two teams have been stuck in a deathlock for two months? That's just a total coincidence, right? OK, so that was really a microchunk.

The Aerophobia Superchunk -- Get this, the Jets don't travel further from NYC 'out west' than Nashville, Tennessee during the entire season. Sure, it might allow Mark Sanchez's own personal Turtle a chance to see his ex on the set of the eponymous ABC drama, but NFL teams are creatures of habit and the fact that their schedule won't be thrown off with a bunch of cross-country trips has to account for something.

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