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Back in 2008, the Jets announced their desire to sell PSLs in their stadiums.  Now seven years later and three years into the new stadium, the Jets held a focus group with fans to discuss the gameday experience and (surprise!) we're told that PSLs are one of the worst aspects of being a season ticketholding Jets fan according to Brian Costello of the New York Post.

The Jets heard from some unhappy customers. Not surprisingly, personal seat licenses (PSLs) continue to be a sore point.

“One issue that came out loud and clear is that the PSL holders are very dissatisfied,” the attendee said. “They feel trapped. They are going for less than half of what they paid for them on the open market.”

Much of the session was spent on the team’s image. The group was asked whether they believe owner Woody Johnson truly wants to win or is more concerned about making money.

The gameday experience was also a big topic.

“Pretty much everyone said it’s going downhill,” the attendee said.

This is true suffering.

Here's an example of the opposite of that.

Remember when Peter King was manipulated by Giants owner John Mara into writing a column about how we as fans should FEEL BAD for Giants owner John Mara because he was building a stadium he couldn't afford?

We've written extensively about the perils of PSLs for years.  Instead of working ourselves into a froth, here's a simple explanation of why Jets fans informed team president Neil Glat and others why the gameday experience was less than stellar:

For the sake of getting fans to help the Jets and Giants subsidize a shiny new stadium (that the teams chose to overspend on) many promises were made about what lay ahead to which few have been delivered.

Parking and tailgating will remain the same! There will be killer apps for every mobile device!!  You'll get pre-sale access to the best ticket events ... maybe even THE SUPERBOWL!!!  Your PSL can be re-sold as at a net gain, just like a taxi medallion!!!

Because the teams have failed at delivering time and time again, there's a growing backlash and threat of PSL defaults that no amount of taut nubile cheerleader flesh can solve.

The obvious effect of getting fans to invest thousands of dollars for the privilege to pay for tickets has dramatically increased the fans expectations.  It has also driven out many loyal fans for the corporate golf-shirt set.  It's a lot easier for Acme Heating and Cooling to afford the seats than a typical diehard.

So the gameday experience becomes more anodyne and the true fans sufffer and do so at a significantly higher cost ... increasing the misery when the team hovers at a milquetoast 8-8.

We've said it before and we'll say it again.  If the Jets want a panacea to fans woes?  Stuff the promises about pre-sale Justin Bieber tickets and put together a consistent winner ... that is the best cure for a bad gameday experience


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