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Tucked away in his Sunday Notes, Rich Cimini had a couple of interesting tidbits regarding Rex Ryan's involvement and Woody Johnson's approach to the search for a new general manager that will maybe help dispel some beliefs that have been floated around the Interwebs.

Johnson, Hughes and team president Neil Glat are conducting the GM interviews. Ryan hasn't been present, I'm told, although he's expected to participate once it gets close to the end game. From what I hear, Johnson has appeared humble in the interviews, basically asking each candidate, "How can you help us?" At least he recognizes there's a problem; it's the first step to recovery.

Woody stated in the season-ending presser that Rex would have a hand in the search but, never revealed how large of a role it would be. With Rex coming in at the tail-end of the process, he and the potential candidates can get a feel for each other and their ideas which is smart especially if you have to work with each other for at least a year. Ryan will certainly have some influence but ultimately, the final decision will rest with Johnson and Rex will not be there to put Johnson, or the candidates for that matter, in the sharpshooter.

Another revealing point in all of this is about Johnson. Contrary to popular belief, he isn't just resting on his laurels and letting Jed Hughes drive the train but is involving himself in the search and asking important questions. He may be called a lot of things but, Johnson seems to determined to fix the problem ... and that may come down to firing Rex if his trial year doesn't work out with the new general manager.

One last point of discussion is about who they have been interviewing. Reported interviewees have been the causation for a lot of stress this week and Twitter has been a great indicator of that. Maybe I'm the lone wolf here but they have all the right in the world to interview capologists, castoffs, "football guys" and marquee candidates until their hearts content. Why? Because in the end I will not give one iota about who they interviewed ... instead I will be more concerned about what General Manager X can do to help further team. You can second guess a hire, which is an inevitable certainty once they do hire someone, but I will not fault them because they wanted to expand the playing field and look at all of their options, good, bad, and indifferent, for such an important position.

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