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This article was on ESPN  NY yesterday about Ryan's postgame reaction to the loss in Seattle.

In his postgame address to the team, Ryan got so emotional that he actually cried, according to several players. He was everything in the locker room -- mad, frustrated, urging. And harsh. According to players, he asked the pointed question, "When are you guys going to believe?"

Seriously? Essentially then, Rex's logic is the same as Peter Pan's.  If you have enough good thoughts, then you can fly -- a notion which strikes me as reductionist and utterly simplistic.  Believing your way out of a problem only seems to work in Greek tragedies and Disney movies.

Still, maybe Ryan's actually right.  If Mark Sanchez simply believes he's a terrible quarterback, then he'll think twice about attempting a pass that has no business being thrown in the red zone.  If Jeremy Kerley believes that he's going to fumble yet another punt, then he'll simply fair catch all the punts (um .. the ones outside the eight yard line).  If the Jets outside linebackers believe that they are slower than a diesel train hauling cows to a slaughterhouse, they won't commit upfield as much and get beat out of position on tackles anywhere near as often as they have all year.

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