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We polled over 2,600 Jets fans earlier this week to see what the reaction of the fanbase would be to signing Mike Vick to be the new Jets starting quarterback. Here are the results:

30% of fans polled said they would stop being a Jets fan. Just under half of those people say they would never return and the rest would only return once he was off the team.

Less than a quarter of fans would be completely on board with the move. That's fewer than the number of fans that would abandon the team.

That means that over three quarters of fans would be not happy with the move or worse.

This was always just speculation, but it will be interesting to see if this speculation lingers or if the Jets rule the possibility out at some point down the line.

We are told the Jets take their fans views into account when they make moves and if they would be making the move for business reasons, rather than football reasons, as some will inevitably suspect, then these findings would suggest that such a move would not be good for business.

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