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Rejoice Jets fans!

The moment you have been anxiously anticipating is finally here!!!!

With the Giants season already a total mess and the Jets playing competitive football, the New York Daily News has sanctioned your (and their) use of the word "star" when it comes to the rookie quarterback.

How convenient for you! ... and ... maybe to a lesser extent, NYDN circulation numbers?

Of course this fantastic news comes with all the entitled benefits that would normally go therewith:

  • A ceremonial immolation of the Giants bandwagon, before pulling an editorial "Rerun" in an attempt to catch on with the Jets
  • Reams of single sentence paragraphing from Lupica on the New York Jets
  • A moratorium on all discussion of (1) characterizing free agency as a "disaster" (2) rigged quarterback competitions and (3) the team's "myopic" GM ... at least until the Jets lose ... at which point the NYDN knew it all along
In other words loyal readers, the Daily News is now a wholesome and wonderful font of Jets knowledge and content and the last two years never existed.

Wait ...

Why does this all seem so familiar?

Hat tip to Kyle Tims for digging up the 2009 NYDN cover.

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