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Based on Rex's press conference on Thursday, the Jets coaching staff is quite excited to have Ed Reed in the building, but they aren't the only ones that are thrilled to have Reed in the fold.

Dawan Landry, who has credited Reed with teaching him the work ethic of a pro, was happy to have Reed come full circle and help the Jets make a playoff push.

“We’re just trying to take that next step,” said safety Dawan Landry, who played with Reed in Baltimore. “The playoff run is on our mind.”
From veteran to youngster, this seems to be true.  Kristian Dyer writes for Metro that Josh Bush was pretty stoked.

Second-year safety Josh Bush approached the future Hall of Famer on Thursday morning before practice, perhaps a bit starstruck as he shook hands with the 11-year veteran safety. Bush, a sixth-round pick last year, has already played in 25 games but his experience pales when compared to Reed’s nine Pro Bowl appearances and 167 games played.

For the relatively young and inexperienced Bush, there is clearly an eagerness to learn from Reed.

“That’s how I introduced myself. I said, ‘Mr. Reed, how you doing? I’m your shadow,’” Bush said. “He said, ‘No doubt,’ like he was all for it. He’s a good guy.”

While Landry is the signal caller for the secondary, the group's highest profile player, Antonio Cromartie, is looking to how Reed might be able to tighten up the group.

Per the team's transcripts of Cromartie from Thursday:

"I think adding him helps us out on the back end. Having another guy that understands this defense, that’s been a part of this defense his .. entire career. So, it just speaks volume of what we’re trying to do on the back end [by] adding another playmaker that can turn a big play, make a play on the back end."
In practice on Thursday, Reed wore number 22, an odd look for the man who has made his number 20 famous.

One guy who was tight-lipped about the acquisition? According to Jane McManus, the guy who wears Reed's former number 20, Kyle Wilson

... on Thursday, when Wilson was asked whether he had been approached by Reed for his number, the corner turned serious.

“Nah, I’m not trying to talk about that with you guys.” Wilson said.

Is a swap off the table?

“Not going to discuss that with you guys,” Wilson said.

Will we see on Sunday?

“I’m here for Buffalo,” Wilson said.

Ed Reed is here for Buffalo too, but we'll have to see if he's here for his old number as well.
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