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There's a lot of blame to go around for yesterday's evisceration at the hands of the Eagles, but the sorest of thumbs among the Jets yesterday had to be Santonio Holmes, who not only caused two turnovers, but when he did manage to do something right, made himself look like an anus by doing something incredibly stupid.  In typical fashion for Santonio he had no good reason or explanation for why he did what he did.

Bob Glauber brings up the absurdity of his action and his reasoning after the game in today's Newsday.

As bad as the Jets were in falling behind 28-0, there still was time for a comeback, and Holmes' 25-yard touchdown catch in a deep route over the middle was just what the Jets needed. His touchdown cut their deficit to 28-10 with 4:42 to go before halftime. Still plenty of time to come back.

But Holmes couldn't leave well enough alone. After his score, he placed the ball on the ground, put one foot on it and began flapping his arms to mock the Eagles' own "fly, birds, fly" celebrations.

Because Holmes used the ball as a prop, he was flagged 15 yards for taunting, and the Jets had to kick off from their 20.

Holmes said afterward he was aware of the taunting rule and why he drew a flag.

"I'm a veteran. I've been in the league for six years," he said. "Yes, I knew why."

So then why do it? Especially when you're a team captain. Especially when your team trailed by 25 points before the touchdown. Especially when you've just handed the other team 14 points all by yourself.

No excuse.

Holmes was reminded of Bills receiver Stevie Johnson's taunting post-touchdown celebration against the Jets, when he mocked Plaxico Burress ' self-shooting incident. Any consideration of just handing the ball to the referee?

"Nope. Not at all," he replied.


Glauber was not alone in his bewilderment by Santonio and what we saw yesterday.  George Willis of the Post has some strong words for Santonio's antics yesterday, saying:

... it was Holmes who put the Jets in an early hole by handing the Eagles their first 14 points and then embarrassing himself by drawing a taunting flag for a touchdown celebration when his team was fighting to get back in the game. Holmes wears a “C” on his jersey for being one of the Jets captains. Yesterday, it might as well have stood for clown.
Caution -- bridge out ahead.

I know that this will be a wildly unpopular take when it comes to Santonio, and I will likely live to regret this many times over, but I see Santonio Holmes right now as a necessary evil for the Jets and I can't wait for the day when they don't need him anymore. Last year I was very impressed with his play, with how clutch he was for the Jets, and with his model behavior. In short, a player in a contract year.  Like most, I think we all thought the Jets made the right decision this offseason in prioritizing him as a free agent.

This year I see a receiver who thinks he's an elite player, yet can't contribute anywhere close to such a capacity.  I see a receiver who can't routinely slip double teams because he doesn't have a healthy and motivated Braylon Edwards or Hines Ward lining up opposite him.  I see a divisive player who'd rather make accusatory comments about his teammates and their play than just shut up and smile.  I see a player who wears a Captain's C on his chest and who must think that somehow getting flagged for 15 yards in a crucial situation is the boost his team needs to get them out of the 14 point hole he helped create.

And let me be clear this ain't no Tom Jackson Jedi Mind-Trick ... right now I am just fed up with his act.  Maybe Santonio will become the player he clearly thinks he is, but I'm not going to hold my breath waiting.

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