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Here's some quick blurbs that have been written about the Jets acquisition of Ed Reed since Thursday.

Bob Glauber, Newsday:

This is a low-risk, high-reward move for Ryan, who saw Reed's greatness when the two were together in Baltimore with Ryan a defensive coach before coming to the Jets in 2009. There's no way Reed will perform to the level he was at back then, when he was in the heart of a Hall of Fame career. But Reed knows Ryan's system inside and out, and he can be a valuable piece of the Jets' secondary. Especially in dealing with its biggest shortcoming.


...  why not bring in an experienced hand like Reed to shore things up, even if he isn't the dominating player he once was?

He's a guy who still can lull quarterbacks into thinking he's going one way and then force the passer to throw to the wrong side. And while he can't run like he used to, Reed can play a role similar to other quality veterans on the back end of their careers.

Mark Cannizzaro, NY Post:
.. if you don’t believe Ryan will get something out of Reed, you have not been paying a lot of attention to the way Ryan coaches defense. One of Ryan’s strengths is his ability to turn less-heralded role players into key contributors on defense, so trust this: Reed will contribute. Count on it.

This is a fantastic fit — regardless of Reed’s age and his nomadic season to date.

Rich Cimini, ESPN NY:

This move is akin to trading for a proven closer at the start of a pennant race. Obviously, Reed isn't what he used to be, but his mere presence in the middle of the field is bound to have an impact on how teams attack the Jets' defense. They will think twice before throwing deep.
Manish Mehta, NYDN:

Idzik’s decision to add the 35-year-old Reed two days after he was waived by the Texans made it clear that the 5-4 Jets have wisely shifted away from their rebuilding mindset to add a piece that may help them make a playoff push with seven weeks to go in the regular season.
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