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The Revis talk quieted down for a few days, but with just over two weeks remaining between now and the NFL Draft and a new pressure point that can be utilized, there's been a slew of articles written about Revis and the offseason bonus issue in the last 24 hours.  Of course the larger picture comes back to the Jets and Bucs and whatever the holdup is in coming to a resolution on the matter and the more stories come out (major NY outlets, Yahoo!, now PFT) it's another example of someone shouting fire in a crowded theatre, and the press doing their best to trample everyone they can on their way out the exit.

It looked as if it was Rich Cimini last night who had the story, but then a bunch of similar articles appeared.

Even though they may trade him before or during the April 25 draft, the Jets plan to enforce language in the star cornerback's contract that requires him to participate in the voluntary workouts to collect bonus money, sources said.

[...] barring a change of heart, Revis is expected to fly to New Jersey for the start of the conditioning program. He won't be thrilled, but he has $3 million riding on it.

So there's three million on the line right?  Not exactly.  Per Jason at
One of the things that has confused me in the whole Revis debate yesterday is whether or not participation at workouts can force him to lose his other bonuses. I have seen deals where escalators and de-escalators as well as incentivized bonuses are tied to workout participation, though I have never seen a post earned bonus affected by lack of participation in a voluntary workout. Through numerous Twitter discussions yesterday I think contract guru Joel Corry pointed out that it was the mandatory offseason activities that are a condition of his earning his offseason bonuses not participation in workouts. Failing to complete his workouts simply has him missing out on a $1 million dollar check.


Per the terms of Revis’ contract he must attend around 29 of 36 scheduled workouts if he wants to earn the $1 million dollar bonus with either the Jets or the Buccaneers, rumored to be his landing spot in a trade.

Revis might have $3 million tied up in offseason bonuses, but it's only this specific million that is tied to this 29/36 number.  Cimini clarified the matter on ESPN NY, but he had also previously written a talking points post that while I haven't read the comments, probably didn't go over well with fans.

The reason Revis has to attend is because he won't be able to get paid unless he attends.   Had they bothered to read it, Schwartz and Feinsod know that the CBA is written so that offseason and in-season bonsues are written differently and if he fails to attend then they can't count as an in-season bonus.  That is a signing bonus.  Unless Revis wants to re-work his deal, the Jets can't just mystically make the stipulations disappear.  Revis isn't required to be at every workout, but the more he does the more his chances are lowered at reaching the magic number.

Revis and his side are painting themselves as heroes for something they had every intention of attending (and earning) ... oh and it's MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

While we're not going to get into details on the talking point piece linked above, we do want to include this gem.

If the Jets retain Revis through the draft, it'll set up a training camp soap opera. Could he pull a Pete Kendall, becoming the proverbial squeaky wheel with the hope of forcing a trade? Even though he's scheduled to make only $3 million in base pay, Revis knows he can't hold out, not after major knee surgery. So maybe he'll try the non-holdout approach to getting what he wants: Become a pain in the rear. Heck, he may have already started with that tactic.
So there's this semi-latent threat that Revis is going to throw a tantrum next week and it's the Jets that are being characterized as being petty?

So why all this hand wringing over money that Revis should have to actually earn because signed a contract saying he agreed to this?  

Because it creates more urgency on behalf of his agents.  Just like this Yahoo! report did last night.  While it's mostly the same, it had this little kicker.

However, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, long regarded as the team most likely to trade for Revis, are apparently growing impatient with the process, three sources said.
Gadzooks!  The worthy Duke of Tampa is growing impatient!  Summon the barber to leech his black biles and remove the foul humor from his person!

Uhh wait ....

Weren't the Bucs the ones who leaked that they wanted to see who was available at the 13th pick just a few weeks ago?  They were the ones who wanted to wait now they are pissed things haven't happened?  What is that?  Maybe they just realized there is no shot at getting Dee Milliner at 13.   So now what's the Tampa GM to do?

Enter PFT, the other known sweetheart outlet for Schwartz & Feinsod and Dominik (AKA 'multiple sources') in this deal.

Multiple sources with knowledge of the situation tell PFT that the Buccaneers are willing to send the 13th overall pick in the 2013 draft to the Jets for Revis.  The Jets, however, want “a lot more” than this year’s first-round pick, we’re told.
So now the Jets are being painted as wrongheadedly making Revis actually earn his money while also being wildly unreasonable in the trade request with Tampa ... according to Tampa and Revis's agent, mind you.

Sounds to me like Tampa and Revis's agents are trying to get the Jets to tell them they are bluffing and so both forces are working together to do everything they can to smoke out the Jets.

The biggest problem that I have with it is how willing everyone is to go along for the ride in the media.

True, the Bucs might be the only other player left in this hand of poker, but as best I can tell, the Jets aren't conceding the pot.


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