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"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

-- Albert Einstein

"Self inflicted wounds" seems to be the rallying cry for the Jets 2012 season, and the Jets can't seem to go a week without having to use the phrase over and over and over again.  So while the Jets coaches and players knew that going into a bye that the team was right there and then in crisis mode after losing to the Dolphins, the Jets have come out still relatively flat, still with much the same look of the team that went into the bye week listless and confused.

Apparently according to Chris Nimbley of Jets Insider the coach is preaching to the players that they need to get better and stop with the mistakes -- but it's hard to see any concerted efforts to make changes.

“I mean honestly we hear that every week, (but) it’s not that we need to get better, we got to eliminate the mistakes. We got to eliminate the turnovers, eliminate the penalties, on defense when we commit penalties.” Cromartie said, “Again I think we’ve given up the most points after penalties to offenses, so that’s something we have to eliminate and that’s the way you get better, by going out and eliminating the penalties and eliminating the mistakes. So if those are the things that he (Ryan) means by getting better, that’s what we need to do.”

When a single penalty or mistake happens, that's the domain of the player.  They were the one responsible for the infraction.  But when it happens again and again over the course of the season, then the coaches must intervene.  The Jets penalties are actually down this year, but they are still in the top ten of many statistical penalty areas.  They are in the top ten in giveaways in the league, and it's been problematic all season.  I like Rex Ryan as the Jets head coach, but you have to wonder what is going on.  I don't think that Cromartie meant anything by what he said, but the fact that he's hearing the same things from his coaches every week and nothing has changed isn't good.

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