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Wow what a day. Sorry for the light load so far, but I've been moving around Midtown and gotten to talk to a number of people about the the Jets and the picks or moves that they should make.  After talking to players, agents, media folks, the consensus is that people want to see the Jets take WVU WR Tavon Austin by the Jets at the 9th pick and then play with house money with the 13th.  Meaning, that they could trade back, take a need, do whatever works best for them with that pick.

When I asked Ray Lucas in the SNY newsroom who the Jets should take and why?  His answer was simple.  Tavon Austin.  Why?

"He's a playmaker. He'll be an immediate upgrade to the kick and punt return game.  Austin will be a playmaker in the receiving game as well as a playmaker in the running game," Lucas said matter-of-factly.  "The guy can hit his head on the goalpost every time he touches the ball."

So why has there been four different stories related in the last five hours to  the Jets and Tavon Austin, the Jets and who is looking to move around the Jets, or where the Jets are looking to tade in the last five hours?

Here's (theoretically) why:

1) Setting the trap -- The Jets are trying to lull a team into thinking that they won't take Austin with the 9th pick so other teams don't have to over-extend to get past them.

2) Advertise the ninth -- If a team wants the ninth pick, it's available.  Everyone assumes the Jets would gladly trade the 13th pick, but they might also be willing to trade the earlier one.

3) The Jets Expect a Player to Drop -- If Dion Jordan or any of the top tackles are still available at the 9th pick, would the Jets take one of them before Austin? That's likely too ...

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