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Tipped passes are a sore subject in New York today, but Capital New York writes Mark  Sanchez is one of the league's worst perpetrators when it comes to tips.

During his post-game press conference, Rex Ryan gamely chalked the tips up to bad luck, saying, “I think his day, minus those tips, obviously it looks a lot better.”

But the fact is that Sanchez has consistently had this problem. According to Pro Football Focus stats, Sanchez was tied for second-most in the NFL with five tipped passes going into yesterday, which means he now has nine. Last year, he was first, with 15. In 2010, he was third, also with 15.

Yikes.  Yeah it's one of those things that we all thought we know about Sanchez, but at least it's not just our anecdotal bias.  Sanchez is likely going to continue struggle with this over the course of his career given his size, but the Jets do need to figure out ways to prevent it as much as possible.  Clearly they're not there yet with this new offense.
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