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Here's just a few rumors we heard while floating around out in California over the weekend.  Take them for what they are ... rumors.

From the No Duh File -- According to some folks who are close to Mark Sanchez, he's painfully aware of how bad things went in New York in 2012 and doesn't blame anyone else but himself.  We'll see where the offseason goes now that a new general manager, offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach have been named, but based on how bad things went last year is a clean break the best thing for the young southern California quarterback?  Only time will tell now...

Where Next? -- From what we hear, starting Left Guard Matt Slauson doesn't have a strong sense of what his future (if any) with the Jets is for 2013.   This of course came before the new GM was named, so things might change, but as it stands now Slauson doesn't have a clear sense of what the team's intentions towards him are for 2013.  Also as you might imagine, Slauson was a good soldier but wasn't fond of the platoon work in 2012.

One of the Good Guys -- From our discussions with some folks at the bowl game, they had good things to say about the Jets Director of Football Administration, Ari Nissim.  We'll see what his future holds now that the new GM has been named but more than one league insider had good things to say about his work.

Nice Work -- Broncos WR Eric Decker spends his time on Sundays trying to break lock down coverage, but he did very well by locking country pop singer Jessie James down.  Very well done indeed, Mr. Decker.

Not Any Geek off the Streets -- Don Povia of HHR might or might not have gotten nostalgic for some "G-Funk era funked out with a gangsta twist" hip hop as we drove by the far famed Long Beach Poly.

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