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The Return of Calvin? -- Reports say that the Jets are currently in talks with Calvin Pace about a possible return. Nothing is set in stone yet but the notion nonetheless isn't widely popular. We all know the initial contract he was given never came close to mirroring his output but, in this case Pace would more than likely, I'm told, return on a veteran's minimum deal and that wouldn't necessarily be such a bad thing. As it currently stands a lot of questions still remain at the outside linebacker position despite the addition of Antwan Barnes.

While he isn't Von Miller, having Pace around wouldn't put as much pressure on the Jets to take a pass rusher in the first round and take care of other needs while addressing the linebacker position later on. Of course, by this point, the majority of us are tired of New York putting off a need that has been evident since the days of John Abraham. A return also does not preclude Pace from having to fight for his spot either.

From day one, John Idzik and Rex Ryan have emphasized the theme of competition and I sincerely doubt Pace will get a free pass back on the team. Of course the outcome of this is largely dependent on how they go about addressing the draft and the slow moving HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED saga.

One Landry For Another -- LaRon genuinely loved New York unfortunately his wallet didn't and he was whisked away by the Colts. Enter Dawan who signed a reported two year $3 million contract yesterday. The strong safety has struggles defending the pass but is one of the better run stoppers in the league and like his brother LaRon is known for his hard hits. PFF ranked the elder Landry four spots below LaRon last season as the 69th best safety in the league--not too huge of a drop off of what we can hope to expect.

The Jets still have some questions regarding the safety position though. Josh Bush is a candidate to start across from Landry and fellow sophomore Antonio Allen could see some playing time as well. The Jets may be inclined to address the position at the end of the month if they feel Bush may be too much of a liability to put on the field yet.

The Quarterback Problem -- In the shadow of Idzik's thrift shopping lies Mark Sanchez whose future will be all but sealed barring an unforeseen development. Kurt Warner chided the Jets earlier today for not doing enough to help and to a degree there's no denying that. Sanchez is not a quarterback who can make something out of nothing and needs structure in place to, at worse, be a spot starter. The Jets haven't really given him viable offensive weapons to work with. In the same breath, Sanchez has put a lot of this on himself. Despite the tireless hours he's put in with various coaches and players, including Jeff Garcia most recently, he has continued to struggle when it counts.

He's discussed limiting his mistakes for five years now and week in and week out he STILL continues to make them. I truly believe that, despite missing two years, David Garrard has a very real chance to overtake Mark. He's hungry, he's healthy and despite the (often) poorly fielded Jaguars teams he was on, he managed to consistently put up respectable numbers every year. Greg McElroy should also get a fair shake after starting the last two games of the season. The Jets have been linked with a number of quarterbacks in the upcoming draft including Geno Smith however, I'd look for them, to draft a quarterback later on, if at all.

Final Take -- For the love of all that is humane, sign the man or trade him but I really don't want to hear another story about HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED nor his money issues after the draft is over. That's probably too much to ask for though.

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