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As we gear up for TJB's annual draft pick projection contest, our current champion (Damion) suggested that we do a mock schedule contest, so here's what we came up with:

* Make your entry in the comments below

* Your entry must include the 16 games for the upcoming season, in order

* You can also select one Thursday night game, one Sunday night prime time game and one Monday night game

* You also need to guess when the bye week will be

* You will score one point for every game where the opponent and the week match

* You will score one bonus point for putting a Thursday, Sunday night or Monday night game in the right week

* You will also score a bonus point for matching a Thursday, Sunday night or Monday night game with the right opponent

* You will score two bonus points for guessing the bye week correctly

* Maximum possible score is 24 and the highest score wins

* In the event of a tie, the win goes to whoever's entry was the earliest

* Entries will not be accepted if posted/edited after 8pm ET tomorrow (which is when the schedule is due to be released)

* Unfortunately we cannot offer a prize (other than our eternal respect) to the winner

Note: We already know who the Jets will face this year:

The home games will be against the Steelers, Bills, Bucs, Browns, Pats, Saints, Raiders, Dolphins

The road games will be against the Bengals, Ravens, Bills, Dolphins, Pats, Titans, Falcons, Panthers

One final note: You don't have to specify whether the game is a home or road game, but you can if you want. You'll still get a point for correctly matching an AFC East team with the correct week (and the bonus point if you correctly match it with a night game), even if you got the venue wrong.

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