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Here's a quick look at all the happenings from the Jets of the last year, month by month.  Next up, April 2013 ...

Antwan Barnes was excited about reuniting with his old coach Rex Ryan and RFA Jeff Cumberland signed his tender as did Austin Howard.  Nolan Nawrocki got his hatchet job on, former GM Mike Tannenbaum took a new job as an agent and the Jets brought in safety Dawan Landry with a contract.  Chris Ivory's arrival seemed inevitable after a restricted free agent visit with the Jets ... at that point it was just haggling over the price of fish.  The Jets re-signed Calvin Pace ... what with his ten sacks in retrospect a much better move than anticipated.

The Revis trade finally happened and we did some detailed writing on it.  Watching the fan reaction and then reacting to the trade ourselves and writing that the Bucs were in the running with themselves.  We also did what we hoped was a long form piece on Revis and the Jets -- we were proud of this article.

Leading up to the draft, we took a peek at Dee Milliner.  Prior to the draft Dee said he felt like the Jets were a fit.  Draft insanity began.  The Jets might have liked EJ Manuel, rumors flew, WR Tavon Austin thought the Jets had a plan for him, more rumors flew.

The draft started and the Jets went defense, taking Dee Milliner (reax) and Sheldon Richardson (reax) in round one.  Watch their initial press conference. Corey and I got our mugs on screen reacting to the first round of the NFL Draft.  Things moved quickly on Day Two.  The Jets drafted Geno Smith and then finally signed Stephen Peterman in what must have been a contingency plan if they didn't draft an early lineman while readying to trade for Chris Ivory.   They then drafted Brian Winters to close day two -- whoop dee whoop.

We leared about the glory that is BOSS HOG!!!

Day three was back to the line, drafting Oday Aboushi (his second time as a Jet), Will Campbell and then Tommy Bohanon.  The Jets had a decent UDFA class following their draft.  The draft weekend finally did the inevitable after drafting Geno.

Brick restructured his deal and draft grades were handed out ... grades that don't agree with Rex's A+ assessment.

Geno left his agency and there were concerns about what this meant for the Jets rookie quarterback.

Random stuff? Idzik knows his stuff, wrote SI's Don Banks.  Bent predicted the value of Jaiquawn Jarrett.  The Jets hosted camp contender Stephen Peterman Former Jet OLB Bryan Thomas was in trouble with the law again.  Tone seemed like a goner in 2014 one way or another.

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