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Here's a quick look at all the happenings from the Jets of the last year, month by month.  Next up, February 2013 ...

Ah February ... the month of Super Bowl depression for many a Jet fan.  It's amazing how Super Bowl junkets can bring folks together, even nemeses like Darrelle Revis' agent and former Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum.  This year it was also the time when the Jets drunken promiscuous salary cap became the victim of GM John Idzik in true a slasher flick style.  While everyone tried to read the tea leaves on John Idzik, Jason from outlined a flawless plan of attack.  It was clear that a "housecleaning" was coming for the Jets ... setting up a tough 2013.

While it's now pulled, this film of Mark Sanchez against the Dolphins from Week 3 2012 that was posted to YouTube showed him for the hot mess of a quarterback that he's proven to be.  James Walker failed to demonstrate that the long-view is overrated in an ESPN driven world.  The other Jets quarterback, Greg had some nice things said about him by his grandma.  USA Today had nice things to say about Mo, naming him to the All-Joe team.

The Jets were getting ready for some large moves, like freeing up $27 million.  The Jets hoped Sanchez would restructure.

Tanny started making the rounds, and copped to Sanchez's implosion. It came down to some baaaad guarantees. The coaching staff was announced, priorities (at least in our mind) were clear.  LaRon Landry wanted to return to the Jets but price was the issue.  Ahmad Bradshaw hoped to get injured (kidding) for the Jets.

Revis started getting a little snickety, but the Jets were busy cutting players.  Then there was that weird set up meeting with Dustin Keller's agents while Revis's agents were just looking to be slighted by anything.  The Jets were looking for trade options for Tebow as well as Revis at the Combine.  I mused on the whole Revis thing.

The Jets worked out David Garrard, and were eyeing a player they eventually signed as draft insurance.  It was clear that this was going to be a very lean Freeagencymas for the Jets family.

Random Stuff: We took a look at the Jets defensive line for 2013 ... amazing how one year can change the perspective on a player like Damon Harrison.  Alec Baldwin took a dig at the Jets. Jeremy Kerley is pretty damn good.  Ellis Lankster goes hard.  Geno Smith was considered worse than Tannehill but better than Weeden.  Jets scouts expected a bumper crop of underclassmen in the draft and were right about it.  How much can a QB be overvalued?  Former punter Steve Weatherford explained his dislike of Mike Westhoff.  The expected valuation of Percy Harvin was waaaaaaaaaayyy off.  American Dream was back on!

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