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Here's a quick look at all the happenings from the Jets of the last year, month by month.  First up, January 2013 ...

For a month with no games, it sure was a busy one! Mike Tannenbaum was fired and while the body was still warm, Darrelle Revis started off the year with a bang by stating publicly that the team needed more playmakers -- he wasn't wrong. The good news was that Quinton Coples made Kiper's rookie team.

Between nod-offs, Mike Francessa used his more elegant prose to called the Jets a "sewer" while Ryan ducked out on a post-season press conference he was obligated to do while the owner allowed cooler heads to prevail after the Tannenbaum firing. The PFWA was satisfied with an arrangement to speak with Ryan and Woody a week later, but Ryan was of course on vacation. It became a huge problem when he was spotted in the Bahamas sporting a rather telling tattoo.

On the down side, we predicted the wrong guy as the team's next GM. What we later learned was the deal fell apart over hiring/firing of a coach. The Jets started unloading a host of their coaches. QB coach Matt Cavanaugh wasn't retained, Pettine left for Buffalo, and Tony Sparano was finally fired.

It was made clear that Ryan wanted an offensive version of himself and a new defensive coordinator whom he would run the defense for ... it for certain wouldn't be his twin. Trouble brewed for the team's top quarterback, despite a large salary and former STC Mike Westhoff declared the QB situation a "mess."

Not to toot our own horn, but after after falling down on the job, but we did get it right first even ahead of guys like Schefter on who the new boss would be. Agent Greg Linton called Idzik a "great hire" by the Jets and Marty was then soon named the OC. The day Idzik was announced, he dropped a bomb on the media and it before the press conference even started that the Revis stuff picked up while Cromartie and LaRon went to the Pro Bowl.

Random stuff? PSLs were demonstrably proven to be a scam, Tim Tebow sat forlornly on the bench even in a mannequin display while his mythology was shattered and Tanny took the blame. I fell in love with future Seahawks TE Luke Willson and former Jet Bryan Thomas started down a slippery slope. Oh and we still weren't going to talk about JaMarcus Russell.

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