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Slowly but surely we're finishing off the Year in Review posts.  Here's a quick look at all the happenings from the Jets of the last year, month by month.  Next up, October 2013 ...

As October began, players entered and exited.  Mike Goodson returned from his suspension after trying his best to stay sharp from a conditioning standpoint. Even so, the team was going to hold back Goodson a bit.

There were concerns that Santonio Holmes was going to miss some time so the team brought in David Nelson.  Bent worked up a scouting report on Nelson.  Josh Cribbs worked out for the team and they cast off Ben Obomanu. 

Meanwhile on the line, the Jets moved from Vlad Ducasse to Brian Winters.

Geno had a bad day in Tennessee and Rex Ryan considered going back to a color coded approach.  Lola Sports took a roadie to Tennessee.

Mark Sanchez took his time in going under the knife. But eventually did.  Interestingly right after Geno's best early season game. Santonio told reporters he can't throw himself the ball ... but hey even if he could ... it didn't seem he could catch it.  The Jets acquired TE Zach Sudfield, Brick talked about his more active leadership role.

The Falcons receivers loomed, but Geno shone and "A STAR IS BORN" (The Redux)

Antwan Barnes hit the IR.  Cromartie's injury started to become a concern. Garrard re-signed with the Jets. The Jets lost to the Steelers and Colon thought the team should have stuck with the run (he was right).  Goodson and Gates were both lost for the season, so the Jets signed Josh Cribbs.

In preparing for the Patriots, a silly story about abstaining from sex leading up to the game was conflated. After hoping that the Jets might avoid Gronk altogether, he came back against the Jets.  Even so, Kerley was key in the win, Patriots fans whined, the Jets dropped the bomb on the Patriots.

After a big game against the Pats, the team ran afoul the Bengals, even without Leon Hall.  Pacman Jones apparently fancies himself as The Boogie Man.

The Jets didn't make a move at the trade deadline.  Cumby suffered a concussion.  Christmas came early for Nick Folk.

Random Stuff?  Mo looked good on the way to Georgia Dome. Rex warned to not forget about Quinton. Stupid Pro Bowl unis.  Cumby started seeing more snaps ... little did we know ... Winslow explained his suspension.  We agree with Willie Colon's assessment of the Pats.  Brady hates losing to the Jets.  Sheldon Richardson didn't heed his draft critics.  Bent scouted Greg Salas.

Focusing on penalties was helping ... sort of.


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