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Pushing through the last few months of 2013, here's a quick look at all the happenings from the Jets of the last year, month by month.  Next up, September 2013 ...

With the #MiniDraft in full swing, the Jets started claiming a number of players.  Some players gave us some indictation to their season successes based on their preseasons.

People freaked out because Ryan visited his son at college.

The jets named their first practice squad and then signed Brady Quinn.  Who was cut and then re-signed. The QB competition was "ongoing" according to Woody.  Tone hit the practice field.  The Jets worked out Leon Washington.

We thought the Bucs were going to be a lot better than they turned out being.  Geno made it happen against the Bucs.

The team was very young.  With Kerley out against the Pats, the Jets brought back Ben Obomanu.  After fighting with the Patriots, there was concern some linemen would be suspended.

Sanchez was placed on IR.  Despite an injury against the Pats, Wilkerson was confident of his return.  Sheldon Richardson is a wrecking ball.  Coples was active against the Bills after coming back from his ankle injury in the preseason.

The Jets got their second win against the Bills but it was ugly.  So much so that the Jets re-instated their pushups for penalties policy.  David Nelson worked out with the team.

Coples & Wilkerson were at danger for being fined of their hit on Jake Locker.  Milliner had some ups and downs as a rookie, Darrin Walls didn't do much better against the Titans. Stephen Hill had a concussion and there were conflicting reports on Sanchez and his surgery.

Random stuff? The initial Power Rankings were not kind.  Goodson restructured his deal. The jets wore all white on their opening Sunday.  Fox Sports love Robert Malone although the Jets didn't. The Jets aint no jokes.  Lankster was let loose on special teams. Rex and Willie Colon wished Mariano Rivera well.

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