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It’s now time for the most anticipated event of the pre-season: TJB’s Annual Name-that-Squad Contest!!!

We're going to make it a little simpler this year (for our own sanity): name the 21 players (the Jets roster currently has 74 players) you feel will be cut in the coming hours. The official deadline for announcing roster moves is Saturday 4PM ET and we will accept entries up until 10PM tonight, by which time we expect that names will start leaking out.  In practice, there may be a few changes to the roster after cut-down day, but we will go by who is on the roster when the Jets announce the cutdowns.

This year, we will use the >>Google Form<< we just created to make tabulation easier!  And remember, pick the players you think will be cut between now and the announced 53-man roster.

The winner is the one with the fewest mistakes, but remember to add your ten practice squad picks for the tie-breaker. (Hint: Players are ineligible for the practice squad once they have been in the league three years or if they have been on an active roster for half a season). Again, your selections are limited to those guys currently on the roster.

As ever, the winner earns our ever-lasting respect and 12 months bragging rights!

Good luck!

TJB Roster Contest Official Entries: Google Forms

Use the comments to discuss your entries, or to smokescreen others!

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