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New York Jets WR Jeremy Kerley, 10.8
On if he’s feeling more confident in himself…
Definitely, but any way I can help the team, that’s what I’m trying to do. (If) a guy is down, you definitely have to step up. This is my opportunity. I’m just trying to seize the moment.
On the importance of special teams and Joe McKnight’s kickoff return for a touchdown…
(It’s) very big for us. Anytime that Joe gets the ball in his hands, we expect that from him. He’s a big time playmaker. He showcased it tonight, as he does time and time again. Those guys block well on special teams. I know we’ll get (even) more out of Joe.
On if they purposely went after Johnathan Joseph…
I don’t think we necessarily went after him a lot. It just happened that the play was made over there. That’s where the opportunity presented itself. That’s where we made the play. We weren’t targeting anybody. We were just making plays as they came.

New York Jets CB Antonio Cromartie, 10.8

On if the team took a step in the right direction…Definitely, I think we took a step in the right direction. I think the biggest thing is just trying to build on it and play the way we know we are capable of. We still have some things we want to clean up and try to get better on and just continue to work. This game we fell hard on the back end, too. We missed a couple of plays out on the field and when we just go back and look at it, I think we will get a whole lot better too.

On if he will be playing more snaps at wide receiver…I don’t know. I’m focused on being the best corner I can be right now and that is about it. Whenever I get that chance and when my number is being called to play on offense, I will go out there and handle the play.

On if the momentum of the game shifted after McKnight’s kickoff return…We stepped up. We made the guys punt the ball and then Joe had a hundred-yard kick off return. I think the defense stepped up a lot more, got them punting the ball to us and got the offense back the ball in short field. We have to capitalize on things and make sure that we get there and can’t have any miscues. We played a whole lot better as a team, as a whole team tonight, but it is something to build on, something that we definitely want to do coming into the next week versus Indianapolis.

New York Jets S Eric Smith, 10.8

On Joe McKnight’s return for a touchdown…That is a big play in a game, anytime you get a score like that. It is huge. It really got the momentum going for us.

On if Coach Westhoff was making aggressive special teams play calls…That’s Westhoff. He is always trying to make calls like that. Every time we had an opportunity, the ball just bounced out of it.

On if they should question the onside kick because it did not work…No. You can’t question that play. That is the call you have got to go with. We had a chance to get it and the ball just kind of bounced their way. I won’t question it.

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