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As you can imagine it's been a relatively nice Monday without having to listen to the constant, if not deafening, banging of the drum that is the media poking fun of the Jets after a convincing win over Andrew Luck and the Colts. It probably also helps that the entire AFC East division is 3-3. So, imagine my surprise when I'm scrolling through my Twitter feed and come across a Tweet by Howard Shatsky, whom you would know as the agent for Marcus Dixon, Josh Baker and other NFL players, by way of J.P. Pelzman. Current Giants beat writer Jenny Vrentas had simply Tweeted "Interesting" after Pelzman had Tweeted Revis' surgery would be performed by Dr. Russell Warren, the Giants' team physician. Shatksky responded with the Tweet below and what ensues thereafter, to be quite honest, I cannot even put into words.


On the one hand one could understand Dan's opinion on the matter and how someone could potentially feel slighted but on the other hand Shatsky is just as right if not more so because ultimately it's about the player's choice and who they feel most comfortable with. If Revis feels more comfortable with Warren, who is no stranger to ACL injuries, than Ken Montgomery who are we to tell him otherwise? If I have my choice of a doctor in a group medical practice I'm not going to pick one or the other just because they might feel slighted, I'm going to pick the one that I feel most comfortable with and who I feel will provide me their best services. That isn't to say Montgomery would provide terrible service but ultimately it comes down to the individual being operated on and I'm sure Montgomery must have some understanding of that or else he wouldn't have maintained a position with the team for 12 years let alone be the chairmen of their medical department. Furthermore, asking who performed Josh Baker's surgery is, to me at least, stepping beyond a boundary that needed not to be crossed.

Last month when the incident with Bart Scott occurred, I did feel Scott went a bit too far especially verbally threatening someone. That said, the fact that Leberfeld is now arguing with agents, on Twitter no less, over who performs surgery is unsettling especially when at the end of the day the reasons for why a player chooses a specific doctor is none of his or our business. Let Revis have his surgery by whomever he wants so he can begin his road to recovery...but that's just me.


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