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Uh oh ... first day on the job and Tim Tebow is already getting his character assassinated?  John Elway talked today about the trade to a sports radio station in Denver, and said that the Broncos gave Tebow the right to make the decision ... something that seems in contrast to what Tebow said last night to Jets reporters.

"We did," Elway said in the radio interview. "There was more from Jacksonville, but we looked at it, and it was close enough. We were in contact with Tim throughout the day and talked to him, and he knew what was going on the whole time. So the reports that he was not involved are not accurate."

Except they are not simply reports: Tebow himself said as much on a conference call with reporters a few hours after the trade.

"I really didn’t have any (say)," Tebow said, when asked if he chose the Jets over the Jaguars. "The Broncos had all that power."

It sounds like someone might be fibbing and it sounds like that person might be Tebow, but let's also account for the fact that he might just have a different perspective.  The team might have asked Tebow and he gave his suggestion, but knew that ultimately they could do what they wanted as he was under contract and had no true say in the matter.

Welcome to New York, Tim!

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