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Apparently Santonio's act yesterday was the culmination of a lot of frustration with him by his teammates this season.  One Jet has publicly made one of the harshest comments anyone can level in the current sports phrase lexicon.  My Santonia was called the dreaded "c word" by one of his teammates anonymously.

“He quit a long time ago,” one Jet, who requested anonymity, said. “He’s a cancer.”


According to a source, many players felt Holmes “checked out” a few weeks ago. He was not showing the same practice habits and did not seem interested in the remainder of the season, even as they fought for their playoff lives.

Take those comments and think back to the Eagles game.  The lack of ball control, the stupid end zone dance ... it takes on a whole new light.

So do the comments that Sanchez made this past week to his team about spending extra time after practice.  I can guarantee Kerley and Keller logged the time ... maybe that's why he was actually effective in the game.  Did Holmes?  Doubtful.  Maybe this is revisionist, but it might be that Sanchez was talking to everyone, but really was trying to cajole Santonio into logging extra time.  Who knows, who really cares anything this frittata does anymore ...

The real issue of course is that the Jets might not be able to do anything with him.  As it looks right now, the Jets stand to take an $8.5 million cap hit should they cut him, so there's little chance that the Jets can cut, or even trade him without it costing them a fortune.

I'd expect the Jets to mend fences with this trainwreck, because it might be the only thing the team can do.  Of course, for Santonio, there's no incentive to do anything positive ... he's going to get paid either way, and he knows that.  Right now, this guy is a necessary evil for them ...

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