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Guys, Mark Sanchez is serial about getting this thing turned around.

How serial?  According to USA Today, super serial .... maybe ... dare I say ... super-duper serial.

And when this thing gets turned around, don't forget that Mark Sanchez told you to take your Dramamine ahead of time.

"All those things, once they hit and they go right, this thing turns so quick it'll make your head spin ... I just know guys, talking to them on the plane last night, they know how close we are as well, and we all believe that. So that's the most important thing."
Yes, Mark, that's the important thing. Believing that you are close to becoming relevant, instead of actually already BEING relevant more than halfway through the season!!!

Mark, I'm already dizzy from watching this offense.  I'm dizzy because I have to huff paint fumes** make it through watching any of your games from the start to it's inexorable and totally predictable end.

**That was a joke. Don't be reduced to actually huffing paint fumes, of that I am super-serial.

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