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Time and time again, the media keeps going back to the Tebow / Wildcat story, for no real purpose other than maybe to mark the time.

The latest non-development is that Rex Ryan was super serial about increasing Tim Tebow's role a few weeks ago and goshdarnit, it just so happened to come at the same time that Tebow cracked his ribs.

Ryan did say, however, that the Jets had planned to increase Tebow's playing time before he cracked his ribs in November. Tebow played in his first full series on Monday, which was a glimpse into what was supposed to be.

"We actually had had that plan before, we were going to start giving him a series before the rib injury because I could see it, he had looked good on the practice field, it looked like he was back to being healthy and I wanted to give him that opportunity," Ryan said.

Still, what he saw on Monday was not enough.

Whatever.  That smacks of going out to dinner with friends and intentionally reaching for the check two seconds after your friend has.

Oh ... are you sure?  I can pay ... Really?  Oh OK ... Gee thanks ...

For whatever reason, the Tebow/Wildcat phenomena is this year's fattest and stinkiest red herring and one that Jets reporters seem unwilling to give up on.  Tebow has never played more than 12 snaps offensively in a game all season.  There's two games left and people are still writing about this ... why?  Here's a refresher of some of the highlights how this has unfolded this year.

[sny-box]March 25: Tebow would see about 20 snaps a game and how it wouldn't bother Sanchez's performance.

April 16: Ryan seeds the "they are going to have to prepare for it" decoy idea.

August 2: Tebow got some goal line drills.

August 13: Three days before striking camp, team finally practices Wildcat / spread option.

September 3: Ryan tells reporters there's "no doubt" the Jets will run the Wildcat.

September 9: Tebow sees six plays and Ryan talks again about how Tebow is a decoy.

September 30: Colin Kaepernick out-Tebowed Tebow against the Jets.

October 31: The Jets consider re-committing to the idea of using Tebow going into their bye week.

November 22: The Jets dress Tebow but barely don't use him because of two cracked ribs in a game where Sanchez looked atrocious.

December 19: Ryan tells reporters that he was planning to use Tebow more in Wildcat packages right before he got injured.[/sny-box]

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