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Fire and Ice -- Some say the world will end in fire ... some say in ice.  So ... of all the possible outcomes for Jets fans of these playoffs, this of course is the worst one.  And now it's happened twice in five years.  Now we're again asked to choose between the lesser of two evils:  the obnoxious crosstown fanbase in your ear, or the obnoxious parochial nitwits to the north?  For me, neither will suffice.  I am seriously considering boycotting this Super Bowl ...

Baaaaa! -- Dude, Kyle Williams and Billy Cundiff are quite the personas non grata in their respective cities.  Williams two muffed punts have to be considered as the main culprits for that loss ... but there were other issues too.  Check out some of the things people posted on Twitter to Williams.  Yikes.  But hey, this is the beauty of social media, right?! Williams might have struggled, but he was only used in that role because of Ginn's unavailability for the game.  As far as Cundiff, I would lay more of the blame at his feet, a 32 yard chip shot? Of course, maybe the team rushed to get the kicking unit onto the field and Jonny should have used his last timeout to not hurry Cundiff ....

Ann Mara, Unscripted -- We all know the Giants enjoy portraying this air of class and dignity amongst the unwashed masses of the rest of the NFL.  For their fans, that's part of their deluded Divine Right of Fans as to why they deserve to win Super Bowls.  So it's with little remorse that I post Ann Mara's clueless heckling Terry Bradshaw on live TV.

I Hate Your Grandfather -- Maybe I'm the only one who didn't know this, but I had never thought about the Lambeau Leap and it's use of the audience and stands as a prop ... but once Vernon Davis climbed onto that camera stand and then the Fox crew told us that the Lambeau Leap was "grandfathered" into the rules on allowed celebrations ... that made me sick.  So the Packers get a dispensation that no other team is allowed because ... why exactly?

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