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Since the Jets are looking to fill out their roster with a new special teams coordinator and the former coordinator Mike Westhoff already came back once, there was speculation that he might do it again. On Tuesday, Westhoff spoke with reporters and told them he had no plans to return, via Brian Costello of the New York Post:

Westhoff said he will instead consult with coach Rex Ryan on special teams only during the offseason (Westhoff works for ESPN during the season), and he already has recommended “a couple of people” as candidates to replace Ben Kotwica, who left this month to become the Redskins’ special teams coach.

“No, I’m done,” Westhoff told The Post while making an appearance Tuesday afternoon at the Super Bowl media center in Midtown. “With the way the league is going with special teams, it just doesn’t interest me anymore to coach them.”


“It doesn’t sound like there’s going to be much [for special teams coaches] to coach in a few years,” Westhoff said.

Roger Goodell and the NFL have considered a number of new ideas that will only further marginalize the value of special teams from the removal of kickoffs to the removal of extra points. With the NFL steadily making changes to special teams it is easy to see why he'd be hesitant to return.

Regardless, Westhoff has worked in the NFL for a long time and the life of a coach is a terrible grind. We've enjoyed Westhoff's input on ESPN and SNY and hope he keeps up his insight and role in the media in coming years.

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