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ESPN NY has some insight on the Jets special teams this year from Mike Westhoff. When asked about the punt-block, Westhoff shared some thoughts on the use of three flyers and how that bit the Jets in the end, but he also indicated that the overall talent on special teams has degraded drastically of late.

Westhoff's biggest beef was the quality of the personnel on special teams. Indeed, Sudfeld is a weak-blocking tight end, hardly ideal in that position on the punt team. He was moved into that role only recently because of a season-ending injury to Konrad Reuland.

"The Jets are limited in personnel," Westhoff said. "And I'm being kind."

There are not going to be a lot of cases when I am going to argue with Mike Westhoff about football and this is certainly not one of those occasions.

Not long ago the Jets had players like Wallace Wright, Joe McKnight, Josh Mauga, James Ihedigbo and the Smiths among many other solid guys in this group. While there are still some standout players like Bellore and Lankster, the overall unit has suffered.

Add in that some of their effective players are on the IR (like Josh Mauga among others) and that other players who were playing well were replaced (like Ricky Sapp) and it starts to demonstrate Westhoff's point.

This is why articles like this one drive me insane.

No one cares that Oday Aboushi and Will Campbell are keeping a stiff upper lip in the face of the (air quotes) adversity of being inactive all season. Those are two roster spots that are being sucked up to no purpose while for people who pay attention (like Mike Westhoff) it is plain that the Jets need to field better talent (air quotes) competing in that special teams unit.

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