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It's no secret we are big fans of Mike Westhoff around here and this morning Westy did an interview with WQAM in Miami and talk about his last season with the Jets among other things.  Since we can't link to it, here's the page where you can find the audio in the list of 1/11 items.

On his retirement: "It was time for me to go"

On Pettine: "Look out for Buffalo and that defense."

On Wildcat: "I'm still waiting for the unveiling."

On Sanchez: "Mark was (in 2009 & 2010) a manageable QB part of a good football team ... and Mark was thrown in with all those ingredients ... then all of a sudden the burden was thrust on Mark and that's too much for him."

On Where Sanchez is Best: "I'd like to see him get out of the pocket more, to sprint, to boot, to waggle."

On Blame: "It's more than just Mark Sanchez's fault."

On Defense: "When our defense plays on a long field they are suspect in the middle.  On a short field our defense played well.

On Excellence: "I want to stop teams in the top ten instead of the bottom five."

On His Future: "I'd like to create a niche on-air with special teams like Mike Pereirra [did with officiating] with special teams."

On the Jets Cap: "So much of the money is directed at the top.  And if you don't budget your team well, you can destroy the middle and the bottom of your football team ... and that's kind of what happened to us."

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