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Day three has come and gone.  The players got into pads for the first time today and were able to get some hits in.  Here's what's rattling around in my brain. Offense and defense coming soon.

When the pads go on, the roof comes off

The energy level from the players seems to have been building over the last few days.  While Thursday was brisk, the level of play seemed a little higher yesterday and players got a little more physical with each other.  Today the excitement went to a new level thanks to the team's first day of pads.

"It felt real good to be in pads," Michael Vick told reporters. "When you hear the pads popping that's when you know that training camp is official."

Official it was.  Players cheered on their offensive or defensive line brethren in one-on-one drills, players howled and grunted at each other in positional work.  With the pads on today, players seemed a little more fiesty than they had in past days.  It made for a spirited practice despite the bad news about Calvin Pryor.

Determination Matters

Rex Ryan said today in his press conference that he was very proud of two players who have been working hard with the limited reps they've been getting on on defense and special teams and as a result he wanted to reward them.

Linebacker Troy Davis and safety Rontez Miles are two players in which Ryan has been pleased on their limited snaps and so they will be bumped up to the first team special teams unit starting tomorrow for a tryout.

"He goes out every single day and goes 100 miles an hour and puts in everything he possibly can," Ryan said of Davis.  "He's a run-hit guy and he's a physical player."

Davis is someone we had heard last year the Jets were fond of during the season.  Now back in camp and giving it everything he can, Davis seems poised to be in a position to help contributing to this team, along with Miles.

"I have a tough time believing that these two young man can't contribute," Ryan said.  "Maybe not as starters, but on this football team. "

How Very Sun-Tzu of you

Mike Vick seems to know that it's never worth fighting a battle to which he knows the outcome won't be in his favor.  In other words, don't expect him to get into a foot race with Chris Johnson.

"Honestly, who do you think would win in a race between me and Chris Johnson? For real. All jokes aside who do you think will win? It won’t hurt my feelings if you say Chris." Vick told reporters.  "I’m not racing Chris.  Wasn’t he on TV racing a cheetah last or something a couple of months ago? Yeah, no I’m not doing that."

When asked a follow up question, Vick clarified he'd be willing to take on other comers, but just not CJ2K, the man who still owns the best timed 40 speed at the NFL Combine.

"I’m not racing that guy. LeSean McCoy, I’ll race him again, not Chris Johnson."

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