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Starting this season, the Jets have eliminated paper tickets. Instead, fans will use the Jets Reward Card to enter the stadium, which will allow fans to earn points for attending games, offseason events and even watching a game from their couch for season ticket holders while also rewarding fans for attendance, timeliness, and loudness.

Season ticket holders will receive a wallet-sized smart card in lieu of paper tickets and can accumulate points to be redeemed for fixed-value items or fan experiences, like the participating in the pregame "J-E-T-S!" chant on the field. Fans can even rack up enough points to bid for a seat in Woody Johnson's box or Super Bowl tickets.

Below is a quick primer on the new program:

What is Jets Rewards?

Instead of paper tickets, this year the Jets will issue Jets Reward Cards -- wallet-sized smart cards (pictured) -- to season ticketholders for stadium entry. The cards will also allow fans to earn points for attending games, watching games on TV, checking out Jets content on SNY and other Jets-related actions. Accumulated points can be redeemed for memorabilia, autographed items and more, or to bid on unique fan experiences.

How are points earned?

Season ticketholders have to opt-in to the program online to receive points. They'll get 1,000 points for signing up. Participating in the program comes at no extra charge.

Other point totals of note include 500 points for attending a game, another 500 for using the Rewards Card, and 500 for arriving to the stadium at least 15 minutes prior to kickoff.

To strengthen the Jets' own '12th man,' fans in attendance who've scanned in will receive 100 points on opponent misplays considered to be fan-caused: false starts, unplanned timeouts and the opposing team giving up a sack to the Jets D. These are called "fan assists" and will be earned by fans in attendance who checked into the game.

There will be codes that can be entered online to get points for watching preseason away games on TV, Jets programming on SNY and listening to regular-season Jets games on ESPN radio.

What can points be redeemed for?

Autographs, opportunities to go on the MetLife Stadium Field and other fixed-price items and experiences will be listed on the Jets Rewards Marketplace.

Fans can also use their points to bid in the Jets Rewards Auction, for chances to sit in the owner's suite, fly in the team charter to an away game, and other exclusive experiences.

What about selling tickets or giving them away?

Season ticketholders can set up split accounts, if they share their plan and want the other members to independently manage their own Jets Rewards points.

Fans can also forward tickets to sell, and will not earn points on the scanning of those tickets sold through StubHub or independently.

What about previous years?

Upon activation, season ticketholders will receive a tenure bonus depending on how long they've been the primary account holder. It ranges from 500 points for those in their first through fourth year, and 5,000 for those who've been season ticketholders for 30+ years.

[sny-details title="Here are some facts about Jets Rewards, from the organization..."]

  • Like other industries and professional sports teams, the Jets are migrating to a paperless access control system in 2014 – instead of using paper tickets, Season Ticket Holders will enter MetLife Stadium using wallet-sized smart cards
  • The cards Season Ticket Holders will receive will be pre-loaded with 2014 Jets home games, so no further action is required for them to enter the stadium
  • Online access for Ticket forwarding and selling will not be affected
  • Parking will also not be affected in 2014
  • The move to paperless access creates an opportunity for the Jets to achieve a key objective – rewarding our most loyal fans
  • Season Ticket Holders will receive Jets Rewards points for doing things they already do, like attending games, watching preseason away games on TV, and listening to games on the radio
  • Those Season Ticket Holders who have been with us for the longest will also receive an extra points bonus
  • As participants accumulate points, they will qualify for special tiers
  • Season Ticket Holders will also be able to redeem points in the Jets Rewards Marketplace for set-value items and experiences (e.g., autographed photos, opportunity to participate in the pre-game, on-field J-E-T-S chant) or bid for unique items and experiences (e.g., sit in the Owner’s suite, fly in the team charter to an away game) via the Jets Rewards Auction site
  • Program participants will manage their accounts (tickets, points, and rewards) via the Jets Rewards Portal, to be launched later this month
  • Rewards program participation is free but requires a separate opt-in via the portal
  • Our long-term plan is to expand the program beyond gameday to include other events and to tie in sponsors
  • We have a dedicated customer service team in place to help answer fans’ questions
For more info on Jets Rewards, visit


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