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Beyond the mechanics, what do GMs look for when drafting quarterbacks?  Adam Teicher writes for the Kansas City Star that the team with the overall first draft pick will have their work cut out for them in identifying a new signal caller to lead their offense, but the Chiefs new GM John Dorsey (formerly from the Green Bay front office) gives some insight into what GMs might have seen when they met with Russell Wilson last year.

“The most impressive interview I’ve ever had in the last 25 years of doing this? Russell Wilson,” said Dorsey, referring to the quarterback drafted by Seattle last year in the third round. “Wasn’t even close. You could feel that guy as a person, how strong he was, how intellectually deep he was, how mentally tough he was, that he had the charisma to lead other players. I always try to look at kids like I’m in the locker room and I’m a teammate. It was easy to see this guy leading a team.

“A quarterback wants to come across in the interview process as confident, as having a vast understanding and knowledge of defenses, as being capable of leading a group of men. That’s what you’ve got to convey to the teams. On film, his physical traits and skills will come out. But you have to over the next few weeks impress on teams the character of his soul, his ability to lead a franchise.”

This is stuff that can't be taught.  Having that sort of background and those characteristics aren't things that most NFL teams can impart into players ... they either have them already or they don't.  The Russell Wilson story is far from fully written ... we'll see how the rest of his career plays out, but it's at least a help to know what GMs are looking for when they interview players and how they might project to an NFL team.
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