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If there's truth to the rumors that the Jets are looking at trading away one of their best players for draft picks,  then it bears the question as to ... what is Revis worth?

The Post spoke to some league folks to get a sense of what the Jets might get in compensation for the league's best cornerback.  While one GM thought that a 1st and a 3rd would be reasonable, another source thought that the Jets backdoor proclamation might have hurt them when it comes to their asking price.

“They’ve tipped their hand and taken all their leverage away,’’ a second NFL source with knowledge of the situation told The Post. “This could have been done in silence, other than saying ‘We’re going to trade our best player,’ coming from the owner.

“The Jets have no choice now so I would offer them a first. If I’m Kansas City, I offer them the first overall pick in the draft for him, what the hell? What [the Jets] really did is kill their end of the compensation.’’

The unmentioned impasse of course is that Revis doesn't want to play on his current deal and wants a new one.  That's something the Jets can ill afford on their 2013 cap.  Of course that means slamming more money into the 2014 cap for Revis to make up for it and Woody might be reaching a point of diminishing returns  -- for right or wrong.

It wasn't a smart way to play the story by either intentionally or unintentionally allowing this story to get into LaCanfora's hands.  The Jets probably would have been better served by quietly shopping him first.  

Even so, if the Jets don't like the offers that they will get for Revis they don't have to take them.  Revis will play at his old level for the 2013 season regardless of what happens or doesn't happen with the Jets.  Revis won't hold out this year -- not this close to free agency.  Revis made that decision for himself last year when he decided against it and now a year closer he'd take two steps back by holding out according to his contract prevents him from doing so in trade for never being franchised.  Just one season from free agency and a massive contract, he's not going to do anything to let the Jets get any more leverage over him.

Of course, if the Jets don't deal him or sign him to a new contract before the season starts, there's  almost no chance that he would return to the Jets in 2014.  He would have been through too much to be swayed by a hometown discount at that point.

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