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Rich Cimini has a bunch of nuggets about what if scenarios regarding the Jets and Rams that are kind of cool to read.  It's fascinating to see how closely the teams have been tied to each other in that 2009 year ...

But here, Cimini shares some opinions on the Jets provisional offense.

7. The 'Cat count. You know what really bugs Tony Sparano? It's when people refer to the Tim Tebow package as the Wildcat. In fact, the Jets have used only eight true Wildcat plays, according to Sparano. Tebow has been on the field for 62 offensive snaps.

Vinny likes Tebow. The other day, quoted former Jets QB Vinny Testaverde as saying the Jets should make Tebow a running back. He was actually saying they should make Tebow the quarterback so he could better utilize his running skills. Testaverde thinks Tebow would provide a spark to the team.

You know what bugs me about Sparano?  That he's worried about what people are calling his offense instead of getting it to work.  Fine, Tony.  SPREAD OPTION.  Can you please run an effective SPREAD OPTION?  It might as well be called the Wildcat for as little as Tony lets him throw the ball.

As far as Vinny, he's exactly right and that's the role that they should utilize Tebow in, but also with the added ability to atually throw it more often.

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