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This morning there's a lot of discussion in the New York papers about what went wrong and whether or not the people that the Jets have inside the offices at Florham Park are the right ones for the job to get things turned around.

There's a lot of really good thoughts thrown into them that are all worth consideration.

Newsday: 'Football people' not connected with Jets don't favor ax falling on GM Mike Tannenbaum Even experts say fixing the Jets will be a huge task

NYDN: Sunday Morning Quarterback: NY Jets owner Woody Johnson, coach Rex Ryan are made for each other

NY Post: Jets season finishes today, then the real action begins

There's good stuff in there ... that many former recent GMs around the league have a lot of respect for Mike Tannenbaum, that the David Harris contract was probably a mistake too in retrospect, that the Jets have not prioritized getting a pass rusher ... there's tons of good stuff in all the articles.

I'm not about to propose a master solution that's going to fix all the problems, things are going to start working themselves out very soon anyway which would invalidate whatever I would write.  Of course, the problem is that the Jets need to make some major changes and they are already stuck with their 2013 monies based on some poor past decisions.  But what I will say is that Woody Johnson would be wise to strike the right balance of identifying and fixing the problem areas, and fixing them as best to his abilities.  Woody talks all the time about wanting to win a Super Bowl and that's fine, but continuity with the competent people already in the building is going to HAVE TO be a key factor in doing so.  That said, keeping people around who were in positions of great authority is going to be a very hard sell to anyone who was outside the organization and is looking to come to take the job ... it could be a career killer for them.  Woody has done some of this "turn off candidates too early" stuff before (like he did with Cowher), let's see if he's learning from his mistakes ...

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