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Ryan has taken a more somber approach of late with the press, which got Gary Myers asking where the old Rex Ryan went?

He spoke in monotone. He looked distraught. The most forthcoming coach in the NFL danced around questions. He was a beaten man. That’s what happens when your supposed franchise quarterback just threw four more interceptions and lost a fumble in the game that eliminated the Jets from the playoffs. It’s not easy to win when the quarterback has 50 turnovers in the previous 30 games.

Where did Ryan go?

It's not so much about where did Ryan go as the attitude he can bring with him while he's winning.  It's hard to be brash and playful when your team isn't playing well.  When Ryan came to the Jets and the world lauded him as a breath of fresh air, we always said that his act would be welcome as long as he's winning.  Should things turn sour, New York might not think it so fun.

We're now to that point.  We were at the same point with Eric Mangini too.  We were willing to put up with his secrecy when he was winning, but not when he was losing.

Nothing's changed but who's currently playing the lead role in the Broadway performance.

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