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Roundup?Roundup? Roundup?

Here we go.

Steve Politi at the Star-Ledger.

The Jets didn’t need a Tom Brady Monday night. They needed an average quarterback to beat the already-dead Titans, improve to .500 and give themselves a shot at the unexpected.

What they got: A quarterback who completed 13 of 28 passes for 131 yards and four interceptions, leading an offense that failed to reach the end zone before halftime for a fourth straight game.

What they got: A late throw into triple coverage at the goal line with 1:52 left, one that free safety Michael Griffin picked off to end a drive that could have stolen the win.

What they got: A fumble that was somehow more outrageous, considering its timing, than the one that came when Sanchez ran into lineman Brandon Moore’s backside in a humiliating Thanksgiving loss to the Patriots.

Steve Serby of the NY Post.

Good riddance to Mark Sanchez and the Jets.

Mercifully, they won’t be in the playoffs, and in truth, they don’t belong anywhere near the playoffs, and Sanchez should be replaced by Greg McElroy — or even Tim Tebow — immediately.

With nothing to play for now, it is time to CAN ’chez for the last two games of this circus season.

Enough is enough.

Tim Smith, Daily News.

Ryan went down with his quarterback, who is fast becoming a walking blooper reel after imploding again. Mark Sanchez has been a black hole for the Jets all year long. This time he collapsed around the small measure of hope the Jets harbored of making the playoffs.

Sanchez, who was 13-of-28 for 131 yards and a 32.6 QB rating, threw away every chance the Jets had. He threw four interceptions, and turned the ball over twice in the final two minutes.

First, with 1:51 to play on a first-and-10 at the Titans 23-yard line, Sanchez threw a lollipop into triple coverage off his back foot and the ball was intercepted near the goal line.

After a three-and-out by the Titans and a brutal 19-yard punt, the Jets got the ball back at the Tennessee 25, but Sanchez in his final act of the night dropped a low snap that was then booted around by Bilal Powell before being recovered by the Titans.

Neil Best at Newsday.

.. the Jets need to find a new alternative to Sanchez, who will be around next season thanks to his $8.25 million in guaranteed income but who certainly should not be guaranteed a starting job.
Matt Bowen on NFP.

He played timid, was late with his reads and made more questionable decisions with the football. Panic throws as I like to call them. Four picks. And one fumbled snap to end the game.

Go back to the late throw on the comeback, the forced seam route vs. 2-Deep coverage, the 9 route where Sanchez held the ball in the pocket or the final INT that was tossed over the middle of the field.

That’s not pro ball. Heck, that’s not good enough for a mini-camp session in the spring. Sanchez has to move the safety out of the middle of the field, see the coverage scheme and protect the ball like a veteran QB.

We are talking about mistakes you wouldn’t expect from a rookie in his first start. And that can’t happen when you are trying to stay in the playoff discussion for at least another week.

I think we are all on the same page when it comes to the Jets and the offseason that is right around the corner. This is a team that should be re-built. And the QB position has to be discussed.

This isn’t quality football nor is there anything on tape that tells us Sanchez is the right player for this organization right now. Add in the snaps where Tim Tebow was forced on the field to run the option and it is easy to call this thing a complete mess.

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