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When a team is billed by the team's coach as one of the best and most talented units he's ever been around, and then the team stumbles woefully during the course of the season, it goes without saying that many decisions are going to come into question.  They are going to come into question even moreso when the team's offensive line coach implies that the decision to play Vlad Ducasse was not his, but also one in which he doesn't agree.

On Friday, Rex Ryan tried to explain that the reasoning for putting Vlad Ducasse out as much on the field was one with long-term implications.

We've said for months now that with Slauson and Moore both becoming free agents this offseason and the team is going to be in a situation where it's going to be tough for them to spend on both.  Vlad Ducasse is getting reps in preparation for that moment. For as much bad attention as he seems to get, Ducasse has certainly made some mistakes on his time on the field this year but it's been neutral at the least. Brandon Moore has been a big part of this offense for almost a decade, but his contract demands might not be in line with what the Jets can give him.

Whether it's a call like this, or how many snaps certain players get to stay under contract bonuses, this is one of many decisions that is being made above Rex Ryan that is impacting football operations.  Other teams do the exact same thing, but when the team is fighting for any spark, any sign of life or any chance to be better than other players, it's decisions like platooning lineman -- something that is almost never done -- seems to jump out to fans as the mark of a questionably run organization.

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