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Jets star defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson has told his team that he wants to play with the New York Jets for his entire NFL career.

“I told them at the end of the year last year that I want to be a Jet — a Jet for life,” Wilkerson told the New York Post at a Play 60 event at the team headquarters. “I’m from the area, I’m a local guy, so I would love to be here and finish my career here.”

In addition, Wilkerson also confirmed earlier reports (Metro, February 8) that he will not hold out this summer, assuming the Jets pick up the optional fifth year of his contract as they are expected to do. (TJB, March 7)

While the Jets will more than likely pay Wilkerson his market value eventually, the centerpiece of the defensive line made it clear that he won't focus on the negotiating table.

“That’s what I have an agent for,” Wilkerson said. “I’m not holding out. My agent is talking with Idzik, and that’s all I can say. I have nothing to do with that. I’m just going to let him take care of that. That’s his job. I’m just here to play ball.

After watching the team's former best defensive player get locked into an endless contract controversy with the team, it's nice to see the team's current best defensive player not follow the same pattern.

It's good to hear Wilkerson voice his desire play his career for the Jets. Wilkerson seems to have the temperament to make it work. Even so, it's rare in this day and age that an NFL player plays his entire career with just one organization. I truly believe that Wilkerson is earnest in his hope to play for the Jets his entire career and I think most fans would love to see that happen.Learn about Mo Wilkerson's offseason workout regimen here. (TJB, April 7)

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