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The Jets defense has been in a groove in recent weeks, and a big factor in the unit tightening things up can be traced to Muhammad Wilkerson and his emergence now that he's been around the league for almost two years.

“I think I’m doing pretty good,” Mo said of his progression. “The coaches helped me out this offseason, Coach Dunbar, having him here, and all the great veterans that I have on the defense and on the team as well.”

The former Temple Owl said that having DL coach Karl Dunbar instruct him this season has improved his football IQ and awareness on the field.

Last year the Jets defensive line was one of the toughest to run on in the entire league.  This year with the Jets struggling to get Sione healthy, dealing with getting consistency out of their rookie and trying to get Kenrick Ellis more reps, it's been tough.  After three great years of top five production from a defensive line able to stop the run, this year has been a letdown on the whole.  Still, Wilkerson is a bright spot on the group and will provide the Jets another piece to build around in the coming year.  The Jets will have to consider how they dole out the reps at the Nose next season, and one of the keys to stopping the run -- the Jets linebackers are going to get some serious attention this offseason.

Dunbar was a great pickup and I can't wait to see how Wilkerson and Coples rachet things up even more in 2013.  People weren't sure how Wilkerson would work out a year ago, and he started coming on strong at the end of his first season ... I expect the same thing to happen for Coples next year and then look out for Double Trouble.  

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