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Michael Rapoport of writes about a couple topics on the league's website and makes note of one aspect that he's going to take careful note of as the Jets head into the offseason around their backup quarterback Tim Tebow and whether or not he's willing to accept a role that the NFL will make for him -- not one he's trying to make for himself.

Had most any other guy asked out of action because he didn't like his role, as a source confirmed Tebow did last week, he'd be eviscerated. This also isn't necessarily a completely isolated thing for Tebow either, when you consider the billboard incident that my colleague Jeff Darlington reported on last year. So where could this have a lasting effect? I know the Jacksonville Jaguars thing is out there for Tebow, but that likely wouldn't be for long. If you want to see where Tebow really could carve out a 15-year NFL career, look to Michael Robinson, who was the 2005 Big Ten Player of the Year as a quarterback for Penn State but remade himself as a meat-and-potatoes fullback in the NFL. Robinson made it work because he was willing to make it work. On the flip side, former Heisman Trophy winner Eric Crouch was less willing, and he was quickly out of the NFL. That's why this week could be an important one for Tebow. If he pops back up as a situational quarterback and a special teams player, it means he'll have subjugated his ego, and that could send a nice message about

It's a very salient point by Rapoport.  Everyone always says what a competitor Tebow is, and I think that's been clear in his desire to keep trying to play the quarterback spot in the NFL.  The hype around him has helped, but it's not worked out and when 5-10 teams who had quarterback problems last year had a chance to get him, only two teams -- both with recent first round draft picks at the QB spot -- came to call.  That's a very telling fact about what talent evaluators and coaches around the league think about Tebow.

Last I checked, the Jets dumped their starting fullback earlier in the season due to injury and because he couldn't pick up the offense.  Their current starter at the spot has been subpar all season long, but at least he knew what he was supposed to do even if he couldn't execute on it.  The Jets have made it abundantly clear that they're looking to move on from Tebow and that might be the best thing, but if he was willing to commit to some intense offseason work as a fullback or tight end, then maybe it would be something that Rex Ryan would be happy to work with ...

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