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With New York Jets on there bye week, Kristian Dyer writes for CBS New York that while the Jets have been through a tumultuous first half of their season, there's more reason to hope than might seem apparent right now.  Dyer looks at the Jets upcoming schedule and reminds us of the Jets recent close contests and how that might play out in the coming weeks.

Now the Jets have a manageable stretch of the season where they can do some potential damage and perhaps roll off some wins. Their next six opponents have a combined record of 20-27 and no one has a better record than the 5-3Patriots, whom the Jets took to overtime on the road two weeks ago.

That’s not exactly a brutal schedule and five wins is very possible if the Jets play like the team that went toe-to-toe with the Texans on Monday night a couple weeks ago and then almost took down the Patriots at Gillette Stadium. This Jets team is better than 3-5, but can they be playoff good?

It's hard for me to look much past the Seahawks.  The Seahawks are only 4-4 but are a dominant team when they are firing on all cylinders.  I get the feeling that they will be a tough, but maybe tone-setting game for the Jets second half.  While Seattle's offense is ordinary this season, their defense is something special and the Jets will be playing in the highly hostile environment of Seattle.  Their "12th man' is a real advantage.

If the Dolphins game was a must win, then this game is for their survival. Beyond the Seattle and New England games, there's none on the schedule that really scare me assuming the Jets can get their act together.  That's also a key focus for Dyer on his piece, who says that this season's viability now relies on the coach.

Now with their backs up against the wall, Ryan and only Ryan can rally his team. Only he can show them in no uncertain terms that despite their record, there is a viable path to the postseason for this team. There’s little room for mistakes or errors or even losses, but the Jets can do it and they can unite behind Ryan as the storm clouds from earlier this season get blown away.
And in that, Dyer is exactly right. The margins for error are so small at this point that anything more than one loss over the next month will put them on very shaky ground. If there's any consolation, it's that the AFC looks comparatively weak this year. If Ryan can pull this team together and focus their energy, there's a shot ... but the window is shutting on this team quickly if Ryan can't get his players to rally.

It's now or never.



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