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Willie Colon spoke to Seth Walder of the Daily News about his dismay of the release of fellow transplant, Stephen Peterman, calling the release "eye-opening."
Fellow guard Willie Colon admitted he was surprised to see his linemate go.

“I was. I didn’t think it was going to happen,” he said. “To see him go is just kind of, it’s a hurtful feeling but it’s eye-opening. You can never take your role or what you’re doing for granted. You never know what’s upstairs thinking about you.”

Colon and Peterman were both free agent guard acquisitions made in the offseason.

“I’ve kind of grown close to Peterman because we were older guys, fresh on the team. We had similar stories, we have war stories, we sit back (and) laugh, we’ve had beers together,” Colon said. “I thought he was doing well.”

“I felt like he was going to be a key guy for us as far as depth. Even if he wasn’t starting, he was still a solid depth guy for us. It’s tough to see that happen,” Colon added. “He definitely made us solid, it’s going to be tough to see him leave.”

And I think that many fans might have felt the same way.  Even if he didn't start, he might have been good for the team's depth, right?  Apparently that's not the way John Idzik operates.

I can't quite explain it yet, but there does seem to be a notable difference already in how Mike Tannenbaum and John Idzik build a team.  Obviously, Idzik had to consider some serious austerity measures based on all the extenuating circumstances that the Jets had to work around when it came to the salary cap.  Even so, Tannenbaum would rarely sign veterans who were long-time starters from other teams that would then only wind up serving as camp bodies.  Veteran free agents like Yeremiah Bell, Plaxico Burress, LaDainian Tomlinson or Jason Taylor essentially assured themselves of spots even if they came at low-level deals.

Still, remembering the Jets were in austerity mode, the Jets have signed players like the aforementioned Stephen Peterman, David Garrard (ugh) and Braylon Edwards that are all no longer on the roster for a variety of reasons -- and that was all before the first cutdown deadline.  The fates of Mohammed Massaquoi, Ben Obomanu and Antonio Garay's are not destined yet, but I think it could be that 2/3 of them might not make the next group of cutdowns.

Of course, every cap and every year is different, but it certainly seems like a change from the normal way the Jets have done business in the past.

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