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How serious are the Jets about using Tim Tebow as their personal punt protector this season?  Sounds like it's pretty serious according to the article Rich Cimini wrote for ESPN New York a few days back.  In it, Cimini details how the team came up with the role for the backup quarterback and what it means for him to play special teams in such a capacity.

The Jets have had some quality protectors in past years but as Cimini notes, there's one big concern about using a guy like Tebow in such a role for the Jets.

Critics of the Tebow plan will argue that the Jets are sacrificing coverage ability by using a player with no experience as a tackler. Tebow, used extensively in the preseason, didn't make a single tackle.

"Do we think Tim Tebow will be our leading tackler? No, of course not," Westhoff said. "But I don't feel like [we're losing anything]. He's been very much involved in the physical part of the game."

It's a pretty good point, but the Jets asked Tebow to add mass this season so he's got the right size to be a good tackler, but it's going to be hard to imagine that his form would be half as good as a guy who plays at safety or whatever.  Even so, with Westhoff scheming the punt coverage, I'm confident they'll figure he'll find a way to work around Tebow's ability to tackle or not tackle.  The reward of using him to keep defenses honest for fake punts seems to be worth any risk the team might take on with him in such a role.
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