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Linebackers Coach Jim Herrmann doesn't have a lot of players in camp, but he's got plenty to figure out in the next few weeks. He spoke with reporters over the weekend....

You?ve got a lot of decisions to make. A lot of wide open competitions and a lot of players to fit those roles."Yeah. It?s been fun. It?s been a great competition. The guys, that group in the room, they?re all good guys. There?s 90 good men there and they all understand they?re competing, but they?re also trying to help each other get better. As a coach, I can?t ask for anything more from them. I hear, even though they?re competing with a guy for a spot, I hear them talking and saying, let?s try this, or let?s do this. They?re helping each other out to get better as a defensive unit and they?re helping each other out to get better as an individual player as they compete. To me, that?s huge. It helps us as a team."

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Giants LB coach Jim Herrmann was reported to be a top candidate for the Eagles' DC position and interviewed with them this past weekend. Apparently, he's had a change of heart, as per Tom Rock of Newsday, and is staying in Blue.

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According to reports Jim Herrmann, the Giants' LB coach, is a candidate for the Philadelphia Eagles' DC job. Herrmann has been with the Giants since 2008 and has a long, distinguished resume as a defensive coach.

He both played coached at Michigan under the legendary Bo Schembechler. After a 20-year college career (the last nine as DC), he was hired by the Jets' Eric Mangini to handle the linebackers. When Mangini was booted by the Jets in 2008, Herrmann was hired by Tom Coughlin and the Giants.

From Rueben Frank of CSNPhilly:

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Transcript of LBs coach Jim Herrmann's Monday media session:

Q: Is there still a competition at middle linebacker? Maybe Chase will retain the job, and Mark?s job is to unseat him.A: I think there?s always competition throughout. You have your guys who are vets coming in. This is very unusual, because we have such a great group of young guys. Any time you have competition at every spot, it makes your team better. I think we feel very comfortable with whoever goes in and plays, and that?s a good situation to be in. I haven?t been in that situation with the Giants in a long time. We really have good, young guys who came in last year and are now back bigger and stronger. We have veteran guys who played in a lot of NFL games, so as a group, we?re very deep when we?re healthy. You know, there?s competition at every position, so everybody is still competing.

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When MLB Jonathan Goff went down with a knee injury, the Giants were left with a huge problem in the middle of their defense. Who would play middle linebacker? Who would call the signals?

The answers were not good ones. All they had were rookies to choose from. They tried rookie Greg Jones at MLB, but their was no way he would be able to grasp the defense in time to be the signal-caller. Another rookie, Mark Herzlich (right), is more of an OLB, so he was not considered.

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From today's media session .....

Q: So are Kiwanuka and Osi all taking part in the linebacker meetings at this point?A: Yes, we've switched on and off through a lot of different packages, as you saw. We are trying to get the best 11 guys on the football field, so we are experimenting with some things and looking at it. It looks pretty good. Q: How is Keith Bulluck coming along?A: Good. He's been through 10 of these and this is the 11th. I really enjoy having him in the meetings because he brings a different thought process because he's been to a different place. Anytime, to me as a coach, you get a new guy, you can learn from him just like he learns from me. I think the other guys enjoy it because it's a different perspective. It's kind of cool.


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Expect A Return To Smart, Aggressive Play At Linebacker

Giants LB coach Jim Herrmann is a down-to-earth, dyed-in-the-wool, X's and O's guy who has been coaching linebackers and defense for over quarter of a century.? The former Michigan defensive coordinator has his hands full this summer with a half? dozen players auditioning for the open MLB position.

Like the other coaches, Herrmann is stressing aggressive play with a focus on creating turnovers.

It all seems very elementary to the soft-spoken Herrmann, who addressed reporters after yesterday's OTA at the TIMEX Performance Center.

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With former linebackers coach Bill Sheridan taking over the D-coordinator job, the Giants brought in former New York Jets linebackers coach Jim Herrmann to take his place.

Herrmann coached the Jets from 2006-2008 and before that was the defensive coordinator for the University of Michigan for nine seasons.

In 1997, Herrmann won the Broyles award for assistant coach of the year. The Wolverines were AP national champs that year as well.

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